Details of Purchase Enquiry No. 2897

Dated: 31-01-2018, Due on: 15-02-2018

Sl No. ItemQuantityUnit
125 mm NB Quick Closing Valve5.000 No
225 mm NB Y Strainer Flanged5.000 No
325 mm NB Ball Valve flanged2.000 No
425 mm NB SDNR Valve flanged2.000 No
515 mm NB SDSL Valve flanged6.000 No
625 mm NB SDSL Valve flanged2.000 No
78 mm NB Check Valve vertical thread type6.000 No
88 mm NB SDSL Valve thread type6.000 No
915 mm NB spring loaded self closing valve with standard gauge glass 2.000 No
1015 mm NB self closing valve with standard gauge glass2.000 No
Remarks: All valves are CS OR CI body internal parts Gunmetal, Flange ratings Class 150

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