Details of Purchase Enquiry No. 2896

Dated: 07-09-2017, Due on: 03-10-2017

Sl No. ItemQuantityUnit
150 mm NB SDNR Flanged Valve11.000 No
250 mm NB Rosebox (Strainer) MS Galvanised flanged 3.000 No
380 mm NB Flanged Butterfly Valve2.000 No
465 mm NB Flanged Butterfly Valve2.000 No
565 mm Dia MS Deep Galvanised bucket type strainer flanged 1.000 No
665 mm NB SDSL Valve12.000 No
765 mm NB Gate Valve1.000 No
850 mm Dia MS Galvanised Rosebox5.000 No
980 mm NB SDSL flanged Valve 2.000 No
1050 mm Nb SDSL flanged Valve 1.000 No
1165 NB Gunmetal Fire Hydrant valve6.000 No

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