Details of Purchase Enquiry No. 2939

Dated: 11-10-2017, Due on: 17-10-2017

Sl No. ItemQuantityUnit
1Cylinder liner6.000 No
2Piston6.000 No
3Piston Ring1.000 Set
4Piston Pin6.000 No
5Small end bush6.000 No
6Connecting rod Bearing1.000 Set
7Main Bearing1.000 Set
8Main Bearing thrust washer1.000 Set
9Valve seat inlet1.000 Set
10Valve seat exhaust1.000 Set
11Valve guide PTL1.000 Set
12Valve inlet6.000 No
13Valve exhaust6.000 No
14Front oil seal1.000 No
15Rear oil seal1.000 No
16Idler wheel bush1.000 No
17Idler hub thrust washer1.000 Set
18Rocker arm bush12.000 No
19Tappet bush12.000 No
20Cam bush1.000 Set
21Lock washer kit1.000 No
22Gasket kit ( Full Kit )1.000 No
23Oil pump gear1.000 Set
24Oil pump shaft (3 No)1.000 Set
25Fresh water pump repair kit1.000 No
26Injector clamp bush6.000 No
27Valve cap12.000 No
28Oil filter1.000 No
29Diesel filter1.000 Set
Remarks: Spares for Ley 400 Marine Engine

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