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Sl no Name of work Description AS details TS details Agreement No. with date Name of Contractor & Contract value as per agreement Date of Completion as per agreement Expected date of completion Current status Officer in Charge
  COMPLETED WORKS                  
1 Providing Mooring Pile at Thevara and Marine Drive Casting of RCC piles for mooring purpose of barges/vessels ORDER No. KSINC/1310/2021 Dated:30/09/2021 for Rs. 29.50 Lakhs Order No. KSINC/17/2021 dated 20/10/2021 for Rs.29.50 Lakhs Agreement No: 05/KSINC/2022-23 dated 02/04/2022 Mr. Ciju John TOC – 3 months from date of site handing over (12/04/2022) 12-07-2022 Work Completed on  12/07/2022.Final bill paid. Melba Alias, Project Executive II
Rs.28.97 Lakhs
2 Maintenance of Head Office Building Furnishing of new office ORDER No. KSINC/1508/2021 Dated:12/11/2021 for Rs. 8.47 Lakhs Order No. KSINC/20/2021 dated 17/11/2021 for Rs. 8.47 Lakhs Agreement No. 10/KSINC/2021-22 Dtd04/01/2022 Mr. Ciju John 14-03-2022 15-04-2022 Work completed on 28/04/2022 . Bill paid  on 25/07/2022 Rs.8,67,639/- Melba Alias, Project Executive II
Rs. 7.14 Lakhs
3 Office space arrangement at HO Setting up of new office  ORDER No. KSINC/1509/2021 Dated:12/11/2021 for Rs.4.98 Lakhs Order No. KSINC/19/2021 dated 17/11/2021 for Rs.4.98 Lakhs Agreement No. 11/KSINC/2021-22 DATED 04/01/2022 Mr. Ciju John 14-03-2022 15-04-2022 Work Completed on 29/04/2022.Bill paid for an amountof Rs.5,06,562.00/- Susan K Santy, Project Executive III
Rs. 4.30 Lakhs
4 Providing Air conditioning system at Second Floor, KSINC head office Providing AC at newly furnished office Order No. KSINC/58/2022 dated 17/02/2022 for Rs. 2.5 Lakhs Order No. KSINC/27/2022 dated 18/02/2022 for Rs. 2.5 Lakhs Work order no. KSINC/58/2022 dated 02/03/2022       Work completed and bill settled. Melba Alias, Project Executive II
M/s Pinnacle Cooling Solutions   11-03-2022
Rs. 2.09 Lakhs 17-03-2022
5 Renovation Works of KSINC Head Office – Local Area Networking works Establishing Local Area Network Order No. KSINC/1267/2021 dated: 14/01/2022 for 27.05 Lakhs Order No. KSINC/25/2022 dated 27/01/2022 for Rs. 27.05 Lakhs Agreement No. 17/KSINC/2021-22 DATED 17/03/2022 M/s Nevus Infocom 15-05-2022 15-05-2022 Work Completed Melba Alias, Project Executive II
Rs. 2.95 Lakhs
Dredging at KSINC Boat Yard Thevara Carrying our dredging work at boat yard for desilting the area Order no. KSINC/1034/2021 Dated 12/05/2021for an amount of Rs.16,30,300/- Order No. KSINC/07/ Dredging at KSINC Boat Yard, Thevara dated 14/05/2021  for an amount of Rs.16,30,300/- Agreement No. 03/KSINC/2021-22 dated 06/08/2021 Rs. 13.77 Lakhs 22-09-2021 Work completed on 04/10/2021 Work completed and bill settled (Rs. 1396781.78) Melba Alias, Project Executive II
6   Dismantling the old roofing structure and providing new one at KFT Jetty which is currently being  used for Sagararani cruise operations Order No. P2-7813/2020 dated 29/09/2020 for an amount of Rs. 18,66,028/- (Funded by Department of Tourism) Order No. KSINC/02/Renovation of KSINC Boat Jetty dated 12/03/2021 for an amount of Rs. 18,66,028/- Agreement No. 01/KSINC/ 2021-22 dated 21/04/2021 16,88,255.00 45 days  Work completed on 07/02/2022 Final bill of Rs. 1861747.44 submitted to DoT and payment effected by DoT Vishakh R Nair,
Renovation of KSINC Boat Jetty at Marine Drive Project Executive I
7 Geotechnical investigation for the proposed KSINC cruise terminal and jetty near fine arts hall, Kochi, Ernakulam. Carrying out geo technical investigation for the proposed cruise terminal for Nefertiti G.O (Ms) No. 7/2019/CSIND dated 24/09/2019 for an amount of Rs. 7.40 Crores. -- Agreement dated 03.06.2019 10,15,350/- 60 days   Work completed on 30/09/2019 Civil Engineer
8 Dredging work at various sites of KSINC  Carrying out dredging work at KSINC Boat Yard -- -- Agreement dated 15.03.2019 7,00,270/- 40 days   Work completed Civil Engineer
9 Dredging work at various sites of KSINC Carrying out dredging at Customs Jetty, Willingdon Island  --- -- Agreement dated 13.02.2019 11,25,000/- 28 days   Work completed Civil Engineer
10 Various Civil Works at KSINC Slipway Complex, Thoppumpady Construction of compound wall, installation of barbed wire fencing, truss roof for store, parking shed, flooring works, renovation of winch house etc.  ---  --- Agreement dated 04.01.2018 82,42,520/- 120 days   Work completed Civil Engineer
11 Dredging work at KSINC Slipway Complex, Thoppumpady Carrying out dredging at Slipway complex, Thoppumpady  --- --- Agreement dated 01.04.2017  -- 30 days   Work completed Civil Engineer
12 Dredging work at KSINC Ferry Terminal, Marine Drive Carrying out dredging at  Ferry Terminal, Marine Drive --- --- Agreement dated 12.01.2017  --  ---   Work Completed Civil Engineer
13 Renovation of Slipway Complex, Thoppumpady Transfer track rail refitting, construction of toilet and restroom block etc ---- --- Agreement dated 16.12.2016 19,43,940/- 60 days   Work Completed  Civil Engineer
14 Civil maintenance works at KSINC Boat Yard, Thevara Maintenance of office buildings at Boat Yard  ---  --- Agreement dated 29.09.2016 7,47,465/- 60 days   Work Completed Civil Engineer
15 Reconstruction of KSINC Ferry Terminal, Marine Drive Construction New office building at Ferry terminal jetty.  --- --- Agreement dated 06.06.2016 1,48,22,900/- 180 days   Work completed on 30/4/2017 Civil Engineer



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